About us

About us Techno-Produkt ltd is a 100% Hungarian-owned small business founded in 1990. Our initial profile mainly consisted of local technical piping and maintenance work until shareholders in 1995 decided to set up the company's own manufacturing facility. Today, in several halls totaling 2400 m2 of floor space, our predominantly custom designed, stainless and carbon steel equipments are manufactured for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy industries, sold on both home and international markets.

Thanks to our continuous investment enabling capacity expansion and technological development we are proud to have acquired significant expertise in fabricating storage tanks, heat exchangers and steel construction products. Our services include onsite product installation along with setting up the auxilliary technological, energy pipe systems.

To ensure we meet and exceed our clients' needs, our QMS complies with criteria. Furthermore we possess all certifications required for the fabrication of pressure equipments, storage tanks holding dangerous liquids and steel structures.
Company details
Techno-Produkt Manufacturing, Technological mounting and Servicing ltd.
Address: 2510 Dorog, Esztergomi u. 14. Phone/Fax: (+36) 33 509-720
Email: info@technoprodukt.hu Web: www.technoprodukt.hu
Tax ID number: 10395314-2-11 EU Tax ID number 10395314
Bank account: OTP: 11740023-20027234 K&H: 10201006-50148336-00000000
Company registry number: 11-09-001048